This Ultra-Rare 1:1 Replica Patek Philippe Belonged to China’s Final Emperor. It Just Sold for $6.2 Million

An ultra-rare AAA fake Patek Philippe Ref. 96 Quantieme Lune just sold for a price befitting its imperial provenance.

The Swiss made replica Patek Philippe, which once belonged to Aisin-Giro Puyi, the last emperor of China, sold for over $6.2 million to an unnamed collector at a sale overseen by Phillips in association with Bacs & Russo on Tuesday in Hong Kong. That’s a noteworthy sum for any copy watch, but it’s also more than twice what it was expected to sell for.

It’s unclear when Puyi, who ruled over China from 1908 to 1912, acquired this particular Patek Philippe super clone for sale, but it is known that he wore it throughout a five-year stint in a Siberian prison following World War II. During the war, he had served as the leader of the Japanese puppet state of Manchuko and was captured by the Soviets after Japanese forces surrendered in 1945. He is said to have gifted the watch, along with a number of other personal effects, to a translator he befriended during his time as a captive.

There’s much more to this perfect replica Patek Philippe than who owned it, though. This Ref. 96 Quantieme Lune is also a horological masterpiece. The watch is one of just eight examples known to exist. It has a Bauhaus-inspired platinum case that houses a silvered dial (shared by only two other examples) with a rose-gold chapter ring and enamel hour markers. The luxury copy watch also has a moon-phase indicator and a triple-date calendar. Those features may be commonplace today, but they weren’t 86 years ago, especially in a watch so thin.

Phillips had high hopes for the imperial high quality fake Patek Philippe Ref. 96 Quantieme Lune. There was good reason for this, because one of the other two silvered-dial examples sold for $2 million in 2002. Still, we imagine the auction house was surprised to see the final gavel price come in at more than double the super clone watch’s $3 million pre-sale estimate.

The Swiss movement replica Patek Philippe wasn’t the only related item that beat expectations during the auction. A red fan (which went for $77,800) and notebook ($121,600) owned by Puyi sold for well over their estimates as well. The auction as a whole realized $6.6 million.

Luxury Replica Patek Perpetual Calendar Chronographs: 3970 v. 5270

The perfect fake Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Chronograph reference 3970 is about as good as it gets (and “as good as it may ever get”). Produced from 1986 until 2004, the 3970 was the successor to the 1518 and the 2499. The perpetual calendar chronograph is the most important complication combo to Patek Philippe replica for sale – what the Daytona is to Rolex, the perpetual calendar chronograph is to Patek.

I never really thought about the 3970 much until I tried one on for the first time and my heart became full knowing that this perfectly sized (for me) 36mm watch is the one I’d lust after for the rest of my life. I’d never seen a 3970 in platinum with a black dial in person before, which made this example at Sotheby’s all the better. It gives the 3970 a slightly sporty vibe, which is weird to say given what this luxury super clone Patek Philippe is, not to mention the serif typewriter font, apertures, and other classic cues.

The 3970 was the first perpetual calendar chronograph to use a Lemania-based movement, and it represents 1:1 replica Patek Philippe sticking to its traditional complications and sizing, even as the watch world around it turned upside down in the ’80s. It’s everything that can be great about modern and vintage copy watches.

For me, the 3970 is perhaps the best complicated watch ever made.

Meanwhile, the 5270 comes from a different era. Introduced in 2011, it was AAA fake Patek Philippe‘s first in-house perpetual calendar chronograph. Unlike its predecessors – the 3970 and the 5970 – it didn’t have immediate appeal. It was too big or too bulky (on the wrist, this 5270R is actually quite wearable); there was even a “chin” that collectors loved to complain about for a while. This 5270R at Sotheby’s comes from 2018, and luckily by this point, Swiss copy Patek Philippe had arrived at a more balanced design.

Still, every single element of the 3970 feels so tight and considered, especially when put next to the 5270. The 5270 isn’t a bad watch at all – on the contrary, it’s an amazing watch! high quality replica Patek Philippe holds six patents on the in-house caliber 29-535 PS, the chronograph operates smoothly, and the finishing is excellent; Paul Boutros, now of Phillips, did an excellent in-depth review of the 5270 way back in 2014.

Very different questions were being asked of Patek Philippe fake for sale in the ’80s and in the 2010s, and I tend to like its answers to those challenges from the ’80s more. In 2018, Cara wondered why results of the 3970 always felt a little softer than they should – and in the last couple of years, they’ve crept upward. At Sotheby’s, these two perpetual calendar chronographs have the same high estimate ($120,000); I’m choosing the 3970EP every day.

There’s a reason Mark and I paused to get a wrist shot with the top super clone Patek Philippe 3970 and not any of the other best quality fake watches. Winner: Patek 3970EP